What We Do!

New! Dog Water Park & Playground

LET YOUR DOG ENJOY OUR ALL NEW DOGGIE WATERPARK! Treetops Petresort is excited to announce the opening of our new Doggie Waterpark!  A Swimming pool with Sprinkler Mists, Beach Loungers with shade umbrellas all surrounded by plush, pet safe artificial turf, all customized for dogs. Don’t let your dog miss out on all the fun!

Just like kids, dogs have big FUN in the pool splashing and playing.  

Whether your dog is staying at Treetops overnight, or just for a day, our Water Park will be ready for your dog to enjoy! Our pool and sprinklers allows each dog to experience a stimulating, enjoyable water experience while being supervised by our trained and pet-loving staff. Treetops now offers this unique feature, allowing dogs a safe place to participate in water play.

New! Luxury Rooms for Smaller Breeds

Welcome to the comforts of home. These rooms offer privacy & quiet from the rest of the kennel. Our private rooms are decorated to be reminiscent of home. Each room has sofas and lounge chairs with a TV to watch thier favorite dog Flick (currently playing “All Dogs go to Heaven”. They have thier own personal Sleeping/Eating area and attached private outdoor exercise area that they can go outside at thier leisure and a window, so we can peek in on them. We have daily Treat Time with homemade biscuits for our furry guests.


A clean dog is a happy dog !! Treetops is now offering grooming Bath and Nail trimming. Book your exit bath upon check in and receive an extra 20% off

Birthdays Parties

Treetops does birthday parties! Every dog has its day — and that should be their birthday!

Bring your dog to Daycare and invite all your fur friends. Treetops team will throw your dog an awesome birthday party!

Treetops Nature Hikes:

Let your dog experience a taste of the country with a relaxing stroll down our exclusive nature trails that passes through grassy fields, a forest and around a small pond.