Waterpark Story

Hot Dog!! A Waterpark for pooches! A new water park & Playground has opened and encourages running, jumping and splashing. There’s no need for swim wear, sun screen or towels. This place is, after all, Dawg Water Park!!

Holly , a 10-year-old Lab, and Tucker, a 4-year-old golden doodle, gave this pool four paws up, said Stefi the Manager at Treetops Petresort

“They love it,”!!

Husband and wife team Michelle and Murray Cluff from Cochrane Alberta have operated the kennel since 2008.  The kennel itself has been in business  since 1990.

Our own dog kind of spurred us because he loves to get in the water, he loves swimming… you know, dogs just love the water. So we just decided, why not? A water park for dogs,”

Just in time for summer’s heat wave, Treetops Petresort opened its “Doggie Waterpark ,” a complete water park, including pools with sprinklers. After a dip in the pool they can relax on the umbrella loungers at the pool. Dogs can either go under the cabanas or on top of the cabanas, or they can run in the shallow water or through the sprinklers. All that is a lot of fun for the dogs.

Working to build the waterpark & playground was some work to get it all accomplished. AstroTurf to keep mud out of the water. The playground consists of a Built in Trampoline so dogs are able to get up on it. Teeter Totter and Tetherball for agility and fitness. Of Course we can’t forget the ball pit for the ball dog lovers. And always supervision is on the playground.

“They get to splash in the water park and play on the playground, they have fun, they get to be dogs,”